Solo Exhibition SHOW at Gallery SPACE PLACE, Russia

Some photos from my solo exhibition ‘Another Place In Time’ at gallery SPACE PLACE, in Russia.
Show: Solo exhibition, Another Place In Time
Location: SPACE PLACE Gallery of Contemporary Art, Nizhny Tagil, (Russia)
Opening date: November 23th until December 7th 2019
Curated by Evgeny Komuhin
25 of my photos on display and also for sale in the Art Store of the Gallery.

Additional Information:
SPACE PLACE Contemporary Art Gallery
Central Library of Nizhny Tagil, Builders 1a Ave., Nizhny Tagil, Russia.
+7 912 260 93 29
Another Place In Time
Project Synopsis
“Another Place In Time” displays a series of photographs taken during the summer season of 2019.
Initially, the series pretend to portray the Mediterranean’s aesthetic showing images taken around Barcelona’s Coast and the mediterranean region of Costa Brava. However, “Another Place In Time” is not just a compilation of photos that act or narrate a diary.
Starting from two points of view, the project links two key concepts, where the images are juxtaposed into two notions: “time” and “place” creating emphasis on the title of the series.
“Time” and “place” come together in a photographic exploration of experienced sensations: What you see and what you feel is not always the same. And precisely this is what “Another Place In Time” claims, a journey to infinite roads, endless places.
Through an objective and to endless possibilities, looking for aesthetic sensations and where naturalness and artificiality let itself be intuited, photographs create their own story, investigating concepts such as memories, as well as the idea of ​​nostalgia.
Another Place In Time
“I wish we had another place, I wish we had another time”.
  • Evgeny Komuhin
    November 26, 2019Reply

    This is a very atmospheric project with a lot of light.
    I am happy to work on the creation of this show!

    Thanks Griselda!

    Evgeny Komuhin

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